"Nigathens Impact Ltd, is a company registered in Nigeria, with the ideology "Africa For All" and to the rest of the world. We operate as a one stop hub, offering it's clients, the convenience of a full range of services. With our numerous partners, foreign and domestic, we are able to deliver our services with commitment, flexibility in operation and use of innovative and efficient technologies. We recognise the need for know how as a company in solving solutions and these are the areas we count on.
Working with Nigathend Impact Ltd is an open window for opportunities to the world."
Tourism & Culture
Sports Agent
"As we walk into the 21st century, constructing buildings should be more flexible, more manageable, quicker, and provide efficient cost, high quality, and deliver products on time. Unfortunately, the traditional practices are not providing all these aspects and become, eventually, a problem. When the demands are: On time, Quality, value, new Design ideas, and breaking out of the outdated geometric logic of square houses / four-wall boxes, exceptional technologies must be implemented. Today, NIGATHENS & BETOLOC KSA is precisely established for those reasons. We are here to make the difference, as we have the right team to support each project and maintain a partnership with International & Greek companies specialized, for years back, in the construction of Residential buildings & Villas."
Information Technology
"Our team of experts in various areas and fields related to technology and business development, NigAthens provides its clients and partners with innovative solutions. With our dedication to helping companys create value. Nigathens Partners has over 30 years of experience in providing services and solutions to a wide variety of industries and fields. Our flexibility and extensive awareness of the field within which our services are provided has built a great deal of trust and credibility among our clients, and partners. Thanks to our admirable portfolio of products and solutions with key local and international suppliers, we continuously striving on upholding our reputation of quality and aptitude."